Children’s Village

Children’s Village 2023

After sixteen years of dedication, five generations of children and memories to last a lifetime. April 28th, 2023 became the day that we said GOODBYE to Tír na nÓg as we’ve always known it and a big HELLO to our wonderful new Tír na nÓg Children’s Village.

The children packed up their little belongings and bid farewell to the only home most of them have ever known. A home that despite the cramped, poor living conditions we strived to create a happy environment and a sense of belonging and purpose.

Words can’t describe how happy we feel. To be able to provide such beautiful homes to the loves of our life is nothing short of a fairy-tale.

To each person who supported our cause and believed in our mission, we hope you feel a sense of accomplishment today. You will never truly know the impact you have had on the future of so many lives.


Louise and all at Tír na nÓg x

Proposal For A New Children’s Village

Tir na nOg New Boma

Our proposed site for our new children’s village is in New Boma to the southwest of the main town.  In April 2019, at our request Article 25, travelled to Boma to conduct a Feasibility Study on our proposed children’s village.  They have devised a draft design brief for us based on their research and consultations with our Irish team, our team in Tanzania and our children. Crucial to the brief is the precedent of housing children in small nuclear families or ‘cottages’, a model favoured by all at Tír na nÓg. 

The following are the proposals:-
  • Capacity For Up To 50‘Permanent’ Children, Housed Across 5 Individual ‘Cottages’, Each With 10 Children And 1 ‘Mama’, Or Live-In Carer.
  • Capacity For Up To 20 Children In ‘Short Stay’ Accommodation. This ‘Cottage’ Would Be Staffed By 2 ‘Mamas’.
  • Staff Housing For 4 Further Staff; I.E. Social Worker, Cook, Security Guard, Cleaner.
  • Guesthouse With 4 Double Rooms.
  • Shared Social Space (This Will Comprise Of A Generous Dining Hall That Could Be Used For Dance, Drama, Etc.
  • Dedicated Rooms For Tv And For Music, Along With A Quieter Study Space That Could Double As A Library.
  • Administration Block, Comprising Of A Series Of Offices For Management And Staff
  • A Laundry
  • Appropriate Toilets And Storage Facilities Have Also Been Included.

As part of this feasibility study Article 25 have analysed likely costs for the proposed project, and compiled an outline cost estimate for the Children’s Village:-

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 Children’s Village Construction Costs

Cottage 1€129,154
Cottage 2€129,154
Cottage 3€129,154
Cottage 4€129,154
Cottage 5€129,154
Cottage 6€129,154
Admin Building & Security Post€93,730
Dining/Social/Library Block€199,865
Staff Housing€154,930
Guest Housing€154,930






 *These are outline costs based on the concept design proposals. The costs include landscaping, site utilities, furniture and VAT.