Our Farm

Our farmland is located in what is known locally as the ‘new Boma’, which is southwest of the main town. The farm is just east of the River Sanya and is accessed from a dirt track. We built a farmhouse in 2008 which consists of 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, toilet, shower and some storerooms. This has become home to all of the children under the age of 4 due to overcrowding in the children’s home in the town. 

Maize, sunflower and vegetables are grown on the farmland. We have also begun the planting of fruit trees such as avocado, mango and banana trees around the surrounds of the children’s village. Any food grown on the farm is used to feed the children in the home.

A drilled on-site borehole ensures access to clean water year round with installation of a sprinkler system to follow. This will ensure year round crop production even during the dry season. 

All waste from the children’s village goes through a septic tank system and constructed wetland before it is clean enough to back into the river.
The river water will be used for irrigation and growing trees in the surrounds. 

As a charity our aim is to continue to create these long-term sustainable projects that benefit the communities we operate in. 



Tir na nOg Farmhouse
Tir na nOg piggery