Tir na nOg staffing diagram

The diagram sets out the organisational structure of Tír na nÓg / Kao La Amani. Louise heads the charity from Ireland with 2 fellow directors, Maureen Murphy and Sharon Quinlan whilst Pastor and Monica Tukai run the organisation in Tanzania, also acting as principal carers for the children. They oversee the home, kindergarten and primary school, but spend more time day-to-day based at the home. The home and kindergarten currently share a site and are typically staffed by around 7 people in addition to the Pastor and Monica: a director, social worker, 2 carers who also work as teachers, a cook and a cleaner. The primary school has a headteacher, 11 teachers, 3 maintenance staff, a cook and a security man. This team is sometimes supplemented by other staff from the farm or home to help cover cooking and reception duties. Kao La Amani also has a farm adjacent to the proposed site for the new Children’s Village. This is where food is grown and animals reared to help feed the children and staff across the sites. Pastor and Monica stay in the farmhouse.