Tour Company Programme

We are very, very proud and delighted to announce that one of our children, Mark Tukai,  is currently in the process of starting his own tour company, Tukai Adventures

Operating in Boma Ng’ombe, Mark will offer his clients and climbers an opportunity to visit Tír na nÓg before returning home. Tír na nÓg Children’s Home is perfectly located for a visit pre/post-climb or safari. Mark will happily arrange a tour and the opportunity to spend time with the children for any number of guests.

Why not do a sponsored climb of Kilimanjaro for Tír na nÓg?


Have you always dreamed of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro but need some motivation? Well, look no further – by climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro for our children you will be helping us to achieve our goals. To boost your fundraising efforts, you can ask friends, family and colleagues, local clubs, churches or businesses to sponsor your climb; the proceeds will directly benefit the children of Tír na nÓg. Then, before your trek to the “Roof of Africa”, you will get that extra boost of motivation from your visit to Tír na nÓg! Please contact us at   for details.